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Pyro Cold Hand Socks can offer protection for those experiencing conditions such as Raynaud's, chilblains, etc.


Thin and breathable protection that works to warm feet without causing sweat. 


Use as first layer protection for outdoor winter activities. 


Use Infracare socks for 3 - 4 hours before seeing results. Diabetic patients with a history of bleeding should select white or beige socks. 


Colour options-black, white, beige
Size options-By shoe size
male (medium 7-8, large 9-10, xlarge 11-13)
Female (small 4-6, medium 7-9, large 10-13)


Pyro Socks for Cold Feet

    • Made of 90 % cotton, 5 % Polyurethane and Bio-materials
    • Seam free
    • Can be used as diabetic socks
    • Wash in cold water and drip dry for re-use. Do not use washing machine or dryer.
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